Friday, July 10, 2009

UC Irvine and Innovation

One of my students (@msalorio) asked me on twitter (@jmdipippa) what I thought of UC Irvine Law School's approach to legal education. My answer: I like most of what they are doing. Here is how they describe what they're doing. What I like: the idea that an innovative curriculum that focuses on experiential learning and on public service does not come at the expense of scholarship and reputation. Indeed, if they accomplish their goal of being ranked in USNEW's top 20, there is hope for the rest of us! It may mean that law schools do not have to be clones of Langdell's 19th Century Harvard. Rather, we can be well-respected in the academic world and in the legal practice world and that we can educate students to be lawyers with apology. I also like the ambitious goal of a tuition-free law school.

BTW, lots of good stuff on the Legal Innovation Blog including a discussion of UC Irvine.

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